Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ice cream!

We started this journey of GF/CF eating about six months ago. Since then, we have tried many, many types of non-dairy "ice cream". Some have been store bought. Some were home-made. There was always something we didn't like, sometimes texture related, being more "ice" than "cream". Sometimes they simply didn't taste good. I for one really enjoy the Purely Decadent peanut butter swirl but it is expensive and no one else in the house likes it.

So I was hesitant as I tried yet another home-made recipe. This one was different in that it called for marshmallows. My family loves marshmallows so why not? It is also the least expensive version I have tried.


It's ultra sweet so I toned it down with the dark chocolate syrup and the ice cream hardened in the freezer to the point that I thought it would be like all the others. A quick zap on defrost in the microwave helped it out. The texture remained creamy!
If you want to try the recipe you can find it here
This one got four thumbs up in our house. My daughter has asked that I try to make it with mint and my son is voting for me to use it in a home-made version of an Oreo Brownie Earthquake (his favorite from Dairy Queen). I vote for peanut butter swirl!


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