Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday's "What do we like?"

I thought it would be fun to start posting about some specific products that my family likes. I realize of course that everyone's tastes are different and what we like may not appeal to you or your family. But, one of the most daunting things about beginning a Gluten-free diet is figuring out where to start. Hopefully this will help.
Products can be expensive (not all are!) and it is so frustrating to throw out a product that cost you $6.00 (I say this from experience!). My intention here is to not only recommend products but I will also do my best to describe why we like something (taste, texture, cost, etc) so you have a place to start.

Enjoy Life Semi-sweet chocolate Mini chips.
These are Dairy, nut & Soy free!!!

These are our favorite chocolate chips. When going dairy free, it was very difficult to find chocolate that wasn't a dark bitter flavor that my kids can eat. These have the smooth "milk" chocolate taste and texture we were used to.  These little mini chips are great for gluten-free cookies. I find that gluten free cookies hold together better when you use the mini's. My kids also eat these straight from the bag. Other uses include melting them down to make candy, or using them to top homemade granola bars or rice crispy treats.

Now lets talk price. I almost choked the first time I found them in a store. I think they were over $5.00 a bag. Not happening on this household's budget!
I found them on for a much more reasonable price. I paid $21.65 for a 6-pack. That works out to $3.61 a bag. I bought them along with something else so there was not shipping charge. The only issue is that they are not always this price. I keep an eye on the price and when it drops, I buy them. I have been able to keep us stocked at this price for over a year. 6 bags lasts us a LONG time.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Enjoy life company. This is a product that I purchased with my own money and am simply offering my own opinion.

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  1. Awesome!

    Love your idea to post specific brands that you've had success with. You're right--it's a bad feeling to take a gamble on an expensive new item hoping that my kids will like it. We tried a brand of brown rice bread from the grocery store at about $5 and it was hideous!

    How about recipe books? I'm noticing you're using weight measurements (makes sense when you mix flours and starches) and the GF and vegan recipe books I've seen so far seem to use cups still. Do you have a favorite recipe book?

    Our specialty flours arrived from amazon today and I'll get busy baking soon. Meanwhile I discovered a little gluten free bakery tucked into our little town and we all agree the breads were tried are super tasty. Yay!

    Totally separate note--I'm not sure how old your kids are but saw you follow "Our Busy Homeschool" blog--have you used she posts about at all? Seems like a fun way to keep different aged kids involved while you study US or presidents, etc.


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