Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wendnesday's "What do we like?"

I can't believe it is Wednesday again!

This week is
Chocolate chips!

See the little g on the label? These are Trader Joe's Gluten-free Chocolate chips. They also do not contain milk ingredients, although they are made on shared equipment. My kids do not react to them but if you have a more severe milk allergy, these may not be for you. Please read the label and decide what is right for you.

These are one of the few semi-sweet chocolate products that I have found that my kids can eat. Neither of them likes a dark chocolate.
I posted here another chocolate chip that we love. Those were the mini's. These are full size. Great for snacking on or melting down for making candies. You can use these in GF cookies but it makes the cookies more fragile.

I apologize but I cannot remember the price. I can tell you that it is right around $3.00 a bag. These can be chopped up to a smaller size if you want to use them in cookies or granola bars.

Disclaimer: As always, this review is of a product that I purchase for my own personal use. I am in no way affiliated with Trader Joe's. I am simply offering my personal opinion.

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