Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday's What do we like?

What do we like?
Trader Joe's Dairy free Ice cream!

We have two favorites, the soy-based vanilla and the coconut milk based chocolate.
Both are fantastic.

First, the chocolate. It is $2.99 for the pint. While still pricey, that is better than the almost $5.00 a pint for brands like Coconut bliss. The Trader Joe's brand is smooth and creamy. My son describes it as creamy and yummy with just the right amount of chocolate. "Pretty dang good" was his way of summing it up! If you knew how selective my son is with food, you would realize just how high praise that is!

The Vanilla Soy ice cream is the closest to "regular" ice cream that we have found for vanilla. Creamy and smooth. A very light hint of aftertaste but not strong.

It is $3.99 for the container. I can't remember what size this is but I think it might be a quart.

My daughter likes hers with chocolate syrup.

I have a great home-made ice cream recipe as well, but the Trader Joe's brand is great when I don't have time to fuss with making it.

The only issue I have with Trader Joe's is that they don't carry the ice cream year round, so stock up when you see it!!

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