Thursday, June 9, 2011

How did we get here?

     Our journey with gluten free, casein free foods (GF/CF) actually started more than 8 years ago, I just didn't know it then! My older sister was having a lot of physical issues and decided to have allergy testing done. One of the foods that she showed allergic to was wheat. At that time, there was no Udi's GF bread, no Pamela's cookies, no Glutino crackers. Or at least if there was, we didn't know about them! I started looking into cooking GF cookies and cakes at that time and must admit, my first tries were pretty big flops. My mom attempted GF pie crust every year for Thanksgiving. It was edible but not great. My sister was alone in her "allergen diet".

     Fast forward to 2009. I started having increased muscle and joint pain, the pain had been there for a long time but for some reason started to escalate. I was diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia and through much research decided to have allergen testing done. Not a big surprise that I showed allergic to almost every item they tested (it was a long list). At the top of the list? Gluten, milk & sesame seeds (Seriously, who is allergic to that?) and the list goes on...

     So, I put myself on a GF diet and life went on.

     Fast forward again to 2010.  My son is suspected of having Aspergers (we are still on that journey to a diagnosis), the first thing recommended was to put him on a GF/CF diet. We put him on the diet and saw a huge improvement in his functioning and coping abilities.

     So, here we are in 2011! I am now very comfortable cooking GF/CF (no more huge recipe flops, just little flops!)

     Whether you're here because you are getting into a GF/CF diet, too, or you're just curious what it is, you're welcome to join in the adventure--I will be using this blog for my thoughts, recipes, pictures, research and anything else that I discover along the way.  Please feel free to leave feedback in a comment on any posts here!

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